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Smart security specialized for your home

Hi – my name is Mike Stampton. 

As of October 2019 ADT is now part of the TELUS family. Also as of June 15 2022, VIVINT is apart of the TELUS family. This means we are now able to offer premium Qolsys equipment and bundle your current TELUS/Koodo services with your TELUS security system for discounts. We are now a fully Canadian company – Canadian monitoring centers and local Canadian servicing.

This is the system I built for you.

Your package includes:

  • 7” Touchscreen Panel (cellular) – no landline needed and a built-in glass break sensor. ($260 if purchased separately)
  • Installation & Activation – ($450 value, if you order directly from Telus you will pay $150)
  • 3 Door Sensors ($105 if purchased separately)
  • 1 Motion Sensor ($70 if purchased separately)
  • 1 Keyless entry door lock ($230 if purchased separately)
  • 1 Video Doorbell Camera. Your choice: Outdoor OR Indoor. Includes 2-way voice communication ($230 if purchased separately)
  • 1 Smart Thermostat ($180 if purchased separately)
  • TELUS Online Security (VPN, Identity protection, Password storage tool, anti-virus, multiple devices)
  • Home insurance discount – You will also receive a home insurance certificate to submit to your home insurance company for a 5-20% home insurance discount.
  • Fully monitored solution – this is not a security system that is simply loud – It is hooked into emergency departments (police, fire) to automatically take care of any issues. If you are away from home, at work or on vacation, the system will still do its’ magic! 

Each automation listed above comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

I would love to help you customize your own system for your own home and needs.


Michael Stampton
Cell: 1-800-373-4103


Telus Trusted Partner Smart Haven Security

  • Canadian Based Customer Service, Technical Support & Monitoring Centres
  • Wireless Alarm Systems With Burglary & Home Intrusion Protection
  • Smart Home Security Systems with Interactive Security Features & Smart Home Automation
  • 24/7 Home Intrusion & Burglar Alarm Monitoring
  • Fire & Carbon Monoxide Monitoring. 
  • Flood, Water Damage, and Temperature Monitoring
  • Lifetime Service Protection
  • Best-in-class 2-way voice quality provides worry-free communication with the monitoring station
  • Guaranteed Insurance Discount

I had a Smart Haven rep stop by my house. Switch systems from Vivint to ADT. Install was immediately done, panel, door cam, garage opener, etc. System is ready to use, simple. And way less expensive than Vivint or other companies.

– Richard D

Excellent service from start to finish. Smart Haven you are amazing to deal with, thank you again for your insight. I am so pleased with this company, it was a five-star experience.

– Lei Anne A

I had Smart Haven Security install a brand new system in my new home. The representative was inviting, not pushy but answered all the questions I had. I wanted a reputable monitoring centre and ADT provided that. I got a smart home package and absolutely love it. I would recommend Smart Haven Security to anyone, anytime.

– Alex C

I can’t believe we used to pay $90 for the same system with vivint. Those people are stealing from Canadians. Smart Haven was able to reuse our existing equipment, add cameras for less than half the vivint price. Wish we switched sooner!

– Robert S

Thank you to our rep Luke Hoa for an amazing set up processfrom beginning to end! As a realtor, I have this set up in my own home & my referrals to Luke all have been positive! The system works as it should and the price comparison was beyond what we were expecting!

– Catherine D

Love companies that add personal touches to their service for customers. I had their rep Salim Khan bring pizza to our house when we were getting the system installed to congratulate us on our new home purchase. Installation was great and haven’t had any issues since. Will be referring them more business!

– Ayesha Q

Interactive Solutions

Make your security alarm system work for you all the time, not just when it’s armed. You can be alerted in the event of an alarm, know when the alarm system is disarmed, check in to see which door was opened, or find out exactly what time your kids came home. Unlike traditional systems that do nothing while the system is disarmed, our solutions keep you in touch with what’s going on at your property and alert you when something happens.

Stay connected with our app, powered by which provides a convenient way to control your home security system and check in while you’re away. Access your interactive security account through your smartphone, tablet, or other internet-enabled devices.

With our app you can;

    • Arm or disarm your security system
    • Receive real-time alerts
    • Check system status
    • Review a history of events
    • Add or Delete users
    • View live or saved clips from you security cameras
    • Control your automation devices (locks, thermostats, garage doors, lights, etc.)