Brent Stevens

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Co-Founder

Curtis Platt

Chief Operating Officer (COO), Co-Founder

Jason Staiger

Regional Sales Manager

I grew up in Chilliwack, BC with a big passion for soccer and the outdoors. I’ve always been very competitive and focused on personal development/growth. I got my BBA in Business from TRU while playing on the university soccer team.

I am fortunate to be part of a team, offering a great service and innovative product while also helping people grow to be top tier, ethical sales people. Currently I am a regional manager for Smarthaven managing multiple offices and over 700 personal clients. I look forward to helping anyone and everyone with their security needs.

Jordan Morales


Originally from Montreal QC, currently living in Vancouver, BC and also do a lot of work in Alberta. I’ve been in the alarm industry for over 7 years and I love it. I really care about customer service. Besides alarms, I also do marketing consulting, and sales coaching. My hobbies; I love to workout, play basketball, play guitar, drums and sing. I also LOVE to travel.

Mike Sampson

VP of Inside Sales

Born and raised in Calgary Alberta, Michael was introduced into the alarm industry in 2015. Prior to the alarm industry Michael has created success building sales team in other sales organizations. Michael is a big believer of “Leading by example “ and “Being the hardest worker in the room” and has the results to back it up.

311 personal accounts sold in 2020, 620 personal accounts sold in 2021 doubling personal production from the year before and record setting amount of personal security sales.

Moe Alzaim

VP of Sales

Originally from Vacouver, BC. Taking pride in running Western Canada for Smart Haven’s ADT by Telus. Over 6 years of experience and thousands of clients in experience and continuous effort of putting customer service over everything. Besides Smart home security, I am a BBA graduate and a huge sports fan with a passion for travelling and meeting new people.

Tanzil Ali

Regional Sales Manager

Originally from Vancouver BC, Tanzil has been in the Smart Home/Telecommunications industry for 5 years leading and developing sales programs across Canada. Currently leading the way for Smart Havens eastern expansion in both D2C and retail Tanzil takes pride in providing opportunities to young professionals across the country.

TELUS Leadership

Ahmed Mogharbel

Sales Manager

Born and raised in Vancouver BC. I’ve worked in the alarm industry since 2017. With over 5 years of experience, I’ve become competent in taking care of the people around me as well as my clientele. I am the type of person to always strive for happiness. I enjoy making the most out of every moment and having the full experience. Some of my hobbies include Swimming, Hiking, Travelling and Videography.

Arjun Manhas

Sales Manager

Growing up in Prince George, BC, I had always dreamed of doing more than staying in my small town. During my university years at TRU, I had found sales and it changed my life. Over my 6 years in the industry I have personally sold over 1300 alarms and managed 5000+ accounts. I’m a huge believer in striving to be a better version of myself every single day. Building sales teams and passing on my knowledge is my passion and my driving force for what I do.

Ayush Shekapuri

Sales Manager

Originally from Surrey, BC and currently living/working in all markets from east to west. I’ve grown a passion for sales over my last 4 years in the industry. From initially wanting to master the art of sales and working my way up to management where I’m now able to create growth through my fellow leaders and colleagues. Aside from work I’m a huge hockey fanatic and I like to spend my time off traveling and experiencing the world.

Brian Davydov

Sales Manager

Hey everyone! I’m Brian and I’m from Vancouver, BC. I’ve been working in the industry for over 4 years with over 400 satisfied customers. My goal is to create a positive experience to everyone by means of exposure to Smart Haven’s/Telus’s and my own awesomeness. In my personal time I enjoy hiking, reading and trying out new things.

Ezzeddine El-Merehbi

Sales Manager

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada. Always been passionate about technology and how it could better our lives. Working at Smart Haven is an awesome opportunity to help people and work with technology; two things I love most. I take a lot of pride in running the first and only Quebec office for Smart Haven. My hobbies include playing hockey and travelling.

Habib Shahid

Sales Manager

Originally from Vancouver, BC, I graduated with my Bachelors in Computer Science from BCIT in 2019. I started off as a Sales Representative at Smart Haven in 2020 and eventually moved into a managerial role.

Currently living in Vancouver, BC I take pride in managing over 45 Smart Haven representatives around Vancouver, BC and Calgary, AB. Helping people achieve their personal and financial goals is my passion.

Some of my hobbies are travelling, playing guitar and working on different web projects.

Harpreet Singh

Sales Manager

Born and raised in Punjab, India. Moved to Canada in 2020. Landed into sales career and just loved the opportunity right away. I love to train and recruit more people whichever field I am into. I like to grow with my people.

Riyadh Bahar

Sales Manager

Originally from Vancouver, BC, Riyadh has been in the Smart home space onwards for four years. Riyadh quickly moved into a leadership role and ran the Elite program at SmartHaven. Aside from work, he is currently finishing up his BBA at Beedie School of Business (SFU). His hobbies entail travelling, mentoring, and he is an avid basketball fan!

Rohan Manhas

Sales Manager

I grew up in Prince George, BC – while currently now living in Kelowna, BC. I’ve always had a passion of doing more than the next and found that in business and sales while attending university at TRU in Kamloops. Now having been in the industry for over 6 years, I’ve excelled to doing this job at the highest level with over 1200+ personal alarm sales and 5000+ managed accounts. Passion and pride in what I do, the customers I deal with, and the teams I manage has always been and will continue to be at the forefront of my success.

Kulwinder Singh

Sales Manager

I have been in the alarms industry for 4 years. I was the top rookie my first year selling over 100 sales in 4 months. Currently managing a team at smart haven in Ontario, i take pride in my ability to teach people sales skills and help them achieve their goals faster through our well proven sales system.

Solar Leadership

Andy Nguyen

Sales Manager

Born in Edmonton AB, grew up in Vancouver, BC. Currently studying business at Simon Fraser University & I’ve been in the alarm industry for over 3 years. I love seeing my clients excited about their new smart home systems provided at unbeatable rates. In my free time I like to train at the gym and watch Grey’s Anatomy.

Angel Tock

Sales Manager

I started in the alarm industry in 2012. I pride myself on running a great alarm program and knowing that I am leaving a legacy with everyone who has worked with me previously. I enjoy spending time with my beautiful daughter Violeta and my amazing family. I am from Calgary and enjoy fishing, playing poker and watching sports.

Ibby Dbouk

Sales Manager

Originally from Vancouver BC, I have been in the alarm industry for a year and a half. My dad ran his own dealership for ADT, so I’m just carrying on the family business. I am fourth year finance student at Simon Fraser University. During my off time, I really enjoy playing and watching soccer. Love knowing that I am protecting families every day across Canada.

Mohsin Shah

Sales Manager

Originally from Abbotsford, BC. I’ve been working in the industry for about 3 years. I manage a team of over 50 reps in BC and  Alberta and this role has helped me connect with so many driven and hardworking individuals. My goal is to help others achieve financial freedom while helping families along the way with their home services. In my free time I like to Spend time with my friends and family, travel and drive new cars.

Steven Pham

Sales Manager

I was born in Surrey, BC and raised all around the lower mainland. I studied and graduated from the accounting program at BCIT and been in door to door for almost 4 years now. I’ve loved the industry ever since day 1. During my time off, I enjoy traveling to new countries and learning about different cultures.

Assistant Managers

Amin Sadek

Assistant Sales Manager

Born and raised in montreal, I have found myself always in the business of helping people no matter what job I am doing. I am honored to be part of smart haven and even more to have opened the company’s one and only office in the province of quebec. Alongside my best friend and now co-manager, my goal is to represent smart haven with the good work that me and my team are doing.

Artes Mezini

Assistant Sales Manager

Born in Albania, raised in Calgary, I’m the youngest leader/manager for the Legacy office within SmartHaven. My first ever job, at the age of 15, was door to door sales and I’ve loved it ever since. I’m beyond thankful to have been apart of SmartHaven past 2 years as it’s advanced my career farther than I could imagine and I’m super excited to see what the future holds. At the age of 20, I currently manage and train 10 other sales representatives as they grow and find their own path in their careers. 

Juan Díaz

Assistant Sales Manager

I’ve been working with smart Haven for a year now and grown to become the number one rookie within the company in 2021. I saw the potential on learning the importance on sales skills in life so I recruited with the purpose to change lives and give opportunities to grow financially and mentally.

Ferhan Ghuman

Assistant Manager Solar

Born in Germany and grew up in Canada. I come from a diverse background and love connecting with all walks of lives. I’ve been in the alarm industry for 3 years and I love it. I really care about customer service and protecting families. My hobbies; I love to be outdoors, watch and play Soccer, Cricket.

Nick Linkletter

Assistant Sales Manager

Originally from the east coast,  I ventured to the west coast 3 years ago to expand my horizon. Working in the trades for most of my adult life I realized I needed to make a change. Working for smarthaven is really important to me and I am eager to provide a valued service. I enjoy any activities outdoors and spend most of my free time either hiking or snowboarding. I am excited for this next chapter of my life and to work along this great team we call Smarthaven.

Our customers love
Smart Haven Security

The leadership team at Smart Haven is continually growing. We look to have our leaders build and develop their teams to push others to be better and better for their customers. The customers and their happiness mean everything to Smart Haven and our leaders.

I had a Smart Haven rep stop by my house. Switch systems from Vivint to ADT. Install was immediately done, panel, door cam, garage opener, etc. System is ready to use, simple. And way less expensive than Vivint or other companies.

– Richard D

Excellent service from start to finish. Smart Haven you are amazing to deal with, thank you again for your insight. I am so pleased with this company, it was a five star experience.

– Lei Anne A

I had Smart Haven Security install a brand new system in my new home. The representative was inviting, not pushy but answered all the questions I had. I wanted a reputable monitoring centre and ADT provided that. I got a smart home package and absolutely love it. I would recommend Smart Haven Security to anyone, anytime!

– Alex C

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