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Our family was looking to upgrade our security system, Muhammad was referred to us and we’re happy he was. He was very friendly, accessible, patient and knowledgeable through the process to help us make the right decisions. Richard and his coworker were also very helpful and professional during the install. Overall, very satisfied with the service and products, thanks.

– Kevin H

We just signed up with Smart Haven Security -ADT by Telus. They have excellent rates, the equipment is sleek and very user friendly with advanced settings. We’re very pleased with all of it.
Our technician, Markian Kolonsky was amazing! He was very professional, respectful, considerate and understanding. His workmanship was flawless, and his technical skills were outstanding.
He took the time to give us a tutorial on the system and we are using it with no issues.
I highly recommend Smart Haven Security ADT by Telus for all your security needs. They have excellent equipment and skillful technicians!
A huge thank you to Mark for making this an excellent experience for us.

– Jackie O

We got the system after having a security system for 19 years without any upgrades. Not once were we approached on how we liked our system or how we could finally get away from LAN line dependancy. Now with the new cameras that are offered as well as wifi and updated panel and phone capabilities we are once again feeling safe and cared for and all at a lower price. Thanks for taking the time to hook us up into the modern age.

– Stu M

I got a system installed last month from ADT. Glad to see an ex-American company being run locally through Telus. Have to admit the equipment looks way better than what others have to offer and trust me, I’ve had a look. The prices are unmatched as well. If you decide to go for ADT, ask for Saalim Khan he’s literally so helpful and always only a call away. Our experience with him was great and he really walked us through the whole installation.

– Afreen A

Love companies that add personal touches to their service for customers. I had their rep Salim Khan bring pizza to our house when we were getting the system installed to congratulate us on our new home purchase. Installation was great and haven’t had any issues since. Will be referring them more business

– Ayesha Q

Dealing with Talor was a breath of fresh air. No extra selling tactics, no push to buy, just gave us the information we needed to make the right decision for our family.
Talor was very professional and friendly. Provided several ways to contact him if we had any questions, and was quick to respond when we did.

– Carrie-Anne D

Thank you to our rep Luke Hoa for an amazing set up process from beginning to end! As a realtor, I have this set up in my own home & my referrals to Luke all have been positive! The system works as it should and the price comparison was beyond what we were expecting!

– Catherine D

After a frustrating ordeal and being put on hold so many times with ADT corporate, Percy rode in on his white steed and said never fear ,Percy is hear. He saved the day ,got everything up and running. He restored my faith in ADT. Thank you Percy your friendly attitude made our day. You are a true hero.

– Gloria K

Possibly the best deal out there for home security!!! Julie Zhu approached us with a reasonable home package security and immediately signed up for it on the weekend. Perci, the installer, arrived the following Monday, efficiently did his job, and explained me all necessary details and functions. Another installer, Justin Gagnon, came in the next day to put up another additional camera for our backyard for an awesome deal and touched up the sensors a bit to our liking very quickly. Should definitely sign up for their home security if you haven’t already!

– Bhavesh V

I can’t believe we used to pay $90 for the same system with vivint. Those people are stealing from Canadians. Smart Haven was able to reuse our existing equipment, add cameras for less than half the vivint price. Wish we switched sooner

– Robert S

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