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Smart Security

Smart Home Security

Professionally monitored Smart Security with fast, reliable alarm response and cutting edge technology across Canada. As a leading dealer of ADT By TELUS – Smart Haven Security is now a TELUS Trusted Provider here to protect and secure your home 24/7. Your safety and peace of mind are our top priority. 

Smart Home Security – Made Easy

Give your home the ultimate partner in protection with Smart Haven’s TELUS Trusted Provider -monitored home security systems. Our award-winning equipment and 24/7 monitoring make our home security services second to none.

You will receive a custom home security system that puts the control into your hands. Our  system combines all of your home security systems in one place including video monitoring, doorbell cameras, and more. Find everything you need with your leading TELUS Trusted Provider Smart Haven. Contact us to customize your home security and monitoring system.

Compatible Existing Security Systems

Most alarm systems currently active right now manufactured by DSC, Ademco, Honeywell, GE (Interlogix) or 2gig can be monitored by Smart Haven Security. 

Call now and see if your current security system can have new equipment be added. 800 373 3131

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Smart Haven Security 

As a home or business ask your local representative or call our office to discuss your  Smart Home Security options. With Smart Haven, you will enjoy the benefits of a Qolsys smart security keypad.

  • Mobile application for control via smart phone, tablet or computer
  • Customizable real-time text and email alerts
  • 2 way communication allows operators to speak directly into the home
  • Built-in dedicated wireless transmission for a fast emergency response
  • Access to our award-winning home management website with custom settings and schedules
  • Expandable to control home automation devices like thermostats, door locks, lights, and cameras
  • Regular over-the-air updates ensure your system will never be out-of-date
  • Saves  you $$$ on insurance

You won’t have to compromise on quality, value or service when you choose Smart Haven Security 800.373.3131

  • Door and Window contacts, glass break sensors and motion detectors should be near entry points.
  • Monitored Smoke Detectors ensure the quickest responses to a fire whether you are home or not
  • Protect yourself against natural and propane gas with a gas detectorA floor sensor near major water sources provide early notifications of potential flooding.
    • CO is colourless, odourless and undetectable by humans. CO detectors will sense it immediately and send help
  • Temperature sensors monitor abnormal changes in temperature to alert you and save you from damages resulting in overheating or freezing.

One camera and three automation pieces free!

Help protect every inch of your home with Smart Haven. Our home security cameras secure your property from intruders, vandalism, and burglars. Along with protecting your property, our surveillance cameras connect you to a TELUS monitoring center in Canada as part of our home security system network. Customize your security camera layout by contacting our security camera installation professionals.