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Still renting your energy?

You own your house, you own your vehicle(s) – owning major assets builds equity over a long period. A solar power system will pay for itself in ~1/2 of its warrantied life building capital for you for decades. Supplying your own solar energy through renewable sources will greatly reduce your carbon emissions and will save you thousands of dollars over the next 30+ years. Additionally, solar panels will protect you from ever-increasing electricity prices. Owning your energy, knowing you aren’t relying on a third-party entity and providing for yourself with a clean sustainable source is an empowering feeling. One that you will feel good about every day.

Solar panels provide a means of producing your own clean energy from a renewable source rather than relying on carbon intensive fuels. Photovoltaic (PV) modules not only eliminate tons of carbon every year, they earn you money by reducing your monthly power bill. What you don’t use is sold back to the grid (for grid-tied applications) and credited to you accordingly.

Over a 25+ lifespan, the cost of generating electricity from home solar panels is significantly less than continually leasing your electricity from a retailer. The best part is, solar energy will never run out!

Getting started with solar panels: how much will it save me?

Your solar power system will typically save you anywhere from 20% to 100% of your monthly electrical energy. Everyone’s system and energy habits are unique and as such so are everyone’s savings. Your electrical provider (i.e. EPCOR for Edmonton, AB), will monitor your solar energy generation vs usage and credit you accordingly on your bill.

The average home in Alberta and Saskatchewan uses approximately 7,000kWh/yr which is roughly what 16 solar panels will produce. The average home will become electrically Net-Zero from just 16 solar panels!

You will be able to monitor your solar power statistics through an online monitoring service available on any internet-enabled device. Through this online service, you can see how much solar energy you’re generating and how much carbon your solar panels are offsetting.  

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How much carbon will my solar energy system offset?

Solar panels offset tons of carbon every year, even smaller residential systems. A 5kW or 13 module system  can offset upwards of 4,000kg of carbon every year. The U.S Department of Energy estimates that solar panels will offset ~0.63t of C02 for every MWh (1,000kWH) of solar energy. If you generate 6,900kWh/yr for 30 years, your solar panels will have offset over 130t of C02! This number may be even higher if you live in an area which burns coal for it’s electricity, like Alberta.

Will I still receive an electricity bill with solar panels?

Most likely, yes but it will be substantially less than it was. It is possible to eliminate your bill completely during some (spring/summer/fall) months but requires a fairly large solar power system.

You still need energy at night and when the sun isn’t shining, during this time you will be importing from the grid. Ideally, your solar power system will be sized so you generate enough excess solar electricity to sell back to your provider to cover your imported electricity costs.

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